New Year New Viral Strains to Look Forward to

BEIJING - China - The Omicron variant has proven to be extremely contagious. The new year may see a variant that is also more deadly and highly contagious together.

xi jinping chinese virus
The Chinese Virus - a job well done.

The current Omicron viral strain is a test in increased levels of infection, and it certainly  has worked wonders. The next stage will be in a strain similar in infection rate but which will attack the lungs with more efficacy. The Chinese virologists can work on this with impunity seeing as the rest of the world is blind to what goes on in China.

China under Xi Jinping wants to pave the way for a Greater China, one that encompasses the entire globe, and currently their most important export is a very contagious virus called Omicron, that many scientists have suspected as being engineered in laboratories. Out of all the Covid strains Omicron appeared out of nowhere, and is faintly related to other Covid strains.

The Modus Operandi of the CCP has always been Sino global domination and since Xi Jinping rose to power within the communist country, China has concentrated their efforts not only on building up their military to attack the West but to cause chaos within Western nations with groups like BLM, ANTIFA, #metoo, as well as wokism, which are all Soviet authoritarian communist constructs.

Wuhan Institute of Virology covid19 Chinese military scientists

Since the introduction of Covid to the global human community from Wuhan, China in 2019, the CCP has been watching and learning on how effective the various viruses have worked in accomplishing the goals of the party. Not only to destabilise entire nations, economically but to cause chaos within their infrastructures. The CCP feel there was some success in destabilisation, especially with nations like India, but the Delta virus was not as contagious at the time. Chinese scientists had to come up with something that would spread like wildfire, so they increased the spike proteins of the next strain dubbed, Omicron.

Yes, vaccinations help to a certain degree, however there is limit to these as the medical professionals know, if you over vaccinate you reduce the level of protection to any given virus.

china virus - go forth and multiply
Go forth and multiply, my dear engineered virus.

In 2022, it is a certainty that more strains will be released and the evil Chinese Communist Party will this time tinker with their Omicron creation to make it even more deadly. The Chinese will then hunker down, shutting their borders completely. Omicron was released in Africa, and Covid-19 was released in Wuhan. The Chinese hierarchy will not make the mistakes of releasing the virus on Chinese soil again. The CCP plan will be to close their nation down completely to the outside world, including exports and imports. This way, the Chinese population will most certainly survive the viral chaos the next deadly mutation will mete out on the rest of the globe.

Meanwhile, China is adored and supported by the EU, UN, US Biden administration, Silicone Valley, African nations, and many prominent industrialists in the West as well as the Soviet Wokerati.

As long as the world is asleep to the machinations and plans that China daily plots, there will be no end in sight to this viral nightmare. There are two viruses out there, Covid, and the CCP. They both want to infect you and spread as far as possible.

Coronavirus COVID-19-map-virus-southampton university
Southampton University – Coronavirus global contamination COVID-19