Why Labour Must Never Be Voted into Power Again

LONDON - England - With the fuel crisis, amongst other nightmarish disasters, the Tories are floundering, and Labour seems to be gaining traction.

comrade keir starmer soviet labour
Comrade Keir Starmer, Labour anti-democratic Remainer Marxist Soviet EU Adjutant

As much as the Tories are seen to be floundering at the moment with an inordinate amount of crisis, as well as poor old Boris having lost his mojo slightly, please for one second think about the hellish nightmare of a Labour government running (ruining) the country.

Labour must never be allowed to come into government, simply because they are fucking clinically insane profligate communist Bolsheviks who will fuck this country from the inside out, then fuck it back from the outside in.

Property taxes that will impoverish families, garden taxes that will make your lives hell, and how about Nandy’s Brexit plan to bring in even more integration to the EU, so that Brexit might as well not be Brexit anymore.

As it is, Brexit seems to be floundering, even though thanks to Liz Truss, there have been some mega trade deals already signed and sealed. The current problems with the Northern Ireland deal, as well as the EU red tape still in place, further exasperate the situation. There is no sign that the EU will ever work with the UK in a trade deal, especially if the two cannot even see eye to eye on fishing rights or economic migrants crossing the Channel to Dover illegally in rubber dinghies.

Gloating over the petrol crisis in the UK, the EU wants Britain to suffer terribly, and anything that goes wrong in the country, they blame on Brexit, when in fact the shortage of HGV drivers was perpetuated by poor working conditions, poor pay and insane levels of paperwork that resulted in thousands leaving the profession. Britain must mobilise its work force for all sectors and increase its push for self sustainability as well as innovative manufacturing.

Many EU laws are still active in the UK, especially pertaining to laws regarding vehicles, and now the EU law of putting speed limiters into every vehicle will be adhered by the UK as well. Despite Brexit, British motorists will have their speed limited, dictated by EU law. There is something truly sickening about being forced to pay to put speed limiters into your new vehicle when many Britons voted to rid themselves of such authoritarian freedom limiting laws from the EU. The inability of the Tories to somehow stop these EU Directives in Britain are another reason many former Tory voters are becoming increasingly disillusioned and may stray to the evil Soviet Labour side in a General Election. One could call it punishment, where the Tory Party is served up a meal of cold vomit for their election night supper by their own straying voters.

There is also a chance Keir Stammerer, the new Labour leader, somehow fools the population that he is worth a chance. Given the current malaise, this scenario could easily materialise.

Britain is still paying for the debt incurred under the rule of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as well as the 70 million EU migrants from the poorest EU nations being allowed into the UK who have not contributed anything to the country apart from taking up welfare payments and clogging up the NHS.

At the moment, the plodding Tories are going about things in a way that shows little desire to govern. Who would want the amount of shit thrown at these guys, with multi-billion pound furlough schemes, insane covid rules, and EU technocrats throwing tantrums at any reasonable suggestion from the Brits? Maybe it would have been better if Labour had been given this misfortune in affairs, because at least that would be one political faction to blame for everything going wrong.

Boris has to now rid himself of this malaise and get his fucking mojo back. Whoever or whatever sucked it out of him has to be somehow limited in their succubus ways. The PM needs to fight with all his might to move forward with Brexit, to trigger Article 16, or whatever it takes otherwise the gloating parasitic Remoaners and Bolshevik Soviet Labour scum will win the next election.