Prince Andrew Just Needs to Hold Out Till December 7th

WINDSOR - England - Prince Andrew must hold out until December 7 before the lawsuit against him is thrown out of court.

Prince Andrew

Under The Hague Convention, lawyers for former prostitute, Virginia Giuffre who claims she was forced to have sex with Andrew on three occasions in 2001, must present U.S. lawsuit legal papers to Prince Andrew in person by December 7, 2021, or the case will collapse. Prince Andrew vehemently denies all allegations made against him.

The lawsuit filed in Manhattan, has to be handed to Prince Andrew by hand by Ms. Giuffre’s lawyer, David Boies, however gaining access to the prince is not an easy task.

In this respect, all Andrew has to do now is keep a very low profile in one of the palaces, and keep within safe grounds where he can benefit from royal security keeping the paps and lawyers out.

After December 7, the case will be thrown out, and Prince Andrew will be safe and sound.

The Americans have no jurisdiction in the UK, and are thus powerless, especially as the prince had diplomatic immunity during his time as a Trade Envoy, on the date the lawsuit is based.

That means no trips to the Pizza Express in Woking anytime soon for you sir…