Greta Thunberg Silent as China Starts Up 53 Massive Coal Power Stations

BEIJING - China - The Chinese communist state has fired up 53 coal power stations, creating untold amounts of damage to the atmosphere.

greta thunberg china pollution silence

It’s all too easy for an eco-bot like Greta Thunberg to berate Western countries about their emissions, but she is strangely quiet when it comes to the real polluters of the globe, like China.

As the UN issued a Code Red for the Globe and climate change, there has only been silence from the UN as well. Of course, nothing that China does is bad in the eyes of the UN, who view the communist brutalist regime as a model for the entire globe.

China announced last week it would restart 38 coal mines in Inner Mongolia. Additionally, China has announced recently it will resume operations at 15 more coal mines, in the regions of Shanxi and Xinjiang. The coal-fired power stations will pump out millions of tonnes of deadly chemicals and particles into the atmosphere, causing untold ecological damage.

Ironically, it is the increasing demand by the United States and Europe for solar panels that these once shuttered coal-fired power stations are being fired up again by the Chinese.