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Fearless Prince Andrew Books Flight to New York

LONDON - England - Prince Andrew has booked a first class ticket to New York, to defend his name against spurious allegations.

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The besieged royal and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York, have booked first class tickets to New York with his lawyers in tow, after a case launched by a former prostitute who alleges she was sexually abused by Prince Andrew when she was 17 and that he knew she was the teenage victim of sex trafficking.

The former prostitute claims she was forced to have sex with him and was ‘lent out for sexual purposes’ by paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Decorated War Hero

“Prince Andrew is not afraid of anything and will land on American soil with the full confidence of an innocent man who will confront his accusers head on. There is nothing to fear. The prince is a fighting man, who served in the Falklands war, and will fight with all his might to defend his name from those who are attempting to besmirch it,” one of the royal’s aides revealed.

There are fears that Prince Andrew may be arrested once touching down at the airport, however, the threat of jail does not phase Andrew in any way.

“The prince has been training hard on surviving any prison time in a U.S. jail. His favourite film is ‘Get Hard’ (2015) and Andrew even knows how to craft a shank out of a toothbrush. Whether Andrew would survive the prison showers is another matter,” another confidante revealed.

Prince Andrew and his entourage are set to land at LaGuardia Airport on Friday.


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