Woke Woman Seeks Out Triggering Because it Thrills Her

LOS ANGELES - USA - A Woke Marxist activist woman actively seeks out things or people that trigger her purely for thrills.

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hoc est bellum

Arsenia Wilder, 26, is a Marxist Woke activist who actively seeks out situations where she is triggered by someone or something. Her hunger for triggering her Woke sense is so entrenched in her mindset that if she is not triggered every thirty minutes she gets withdrawal symptoms.

“I spend every waking hour to find Woke triggers. I search all social media, all TV shows, movies, newspapers, and even talk to people, sometimes random strangers to get triggered.”

When Wilder gets triggered, her Woke sense goes into overdrive as she reports her triggering to all the Woke media controllers and social media Woke support departments.

“I get into a Woke frenzy and start to assemble an online mob projecting my Woke outrage through the mob who will harass and abuse the triggeree until they lose their job, their home, their wife or husband, and even their fucking dog.”

It seems the big payoff comes when the object or person who caused the triggering is either censored, cancelled or completely destroyed.

“Yep, that’s the moneyshot right there, I cum in my boiler suit right there and then. It can also be multiple times, as I read about how the person lost their complete career, or how mass censoring occurred because of me. I feel important for that moment I caused severe pain on someone, especially if they were important. Yeah, it gives me power, and it’s the only way I can really get off. My butch girlfriend doesn’t even come close.”