Daily Squib Gets Serious Boost After Elon Musk Tweet

LONDON - England - Thanks to an Elon Musk tweet mentioning the Daily Squib, things have heated up at our offices.

elon musk tweet squib

Getting a tweet from someone like Elon Musk is a real thrill for us at the Daily Squib, especially when our t-shirt sales went into overdrive ever since. People are literally falling over themselves to get a Daily Squib t-shirt or mug from our official store.

All Elon Musk has to do these days is mention one word or anything pertaining to a product or company and they skyrocket.

All we can say is a gracious thank you to Elon, especially as the Squib Team are huge SpaceX fans, and also anyone who has doubled up with Amber Heard and her girlfriend has major kudos with us.