Has Boris Johnson Become ‘Pussified’?

LONDON - England - Ever since Carrie Symonds moved into Number 10 with Boris Johnson, things have gone from bad to worse for the ailing PM.

boris johnson
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Ever since Carrie Symonds, Boris’ fiancée moved in to Number 10 many have noticed a major change in the PM. The question here is, has Boris Johnson finally been pussified?

“Soon she’ll have Boris choosing to remain in the EU, if not worse,” a Number 10 aided revealed.

As well as abandoning the aggressive brinkmanship of the Vote Leave team, Johnson seems to have turned into a pseudo-socialist figure, spending Britain’s money like water to prop up failing businesses that should be left to go under. It seems Carrie and her trendy leftist friends have kicked the Conservative out of Boris and de-balled him to become some sort of extreme version of a simpering champagne sipping Waitrose shopping Islington socialist.

The Labour leader, Keir Starmer can only look on wistfully and see his own middle of the road socialist policies being parroted by Boris.

For any Brexiteer this turn of events is a cause for serious contemplation and worry. What will become of all those years of struggle we all endured to have it pilfered by Carrie Symonds and her Remainer friends who are poisoning Boris from the inside.

The departure of No 10 communications director Lee Cain on Wednesday was bad enough, but now the whole brainbox of the Brexit operation is on the brink as well — Dominic Cummings.

“If Cummings lasts till Christmas he’ll be lucky. One can only conclude that Symonds was a Remainer implant, and one has to admit she is doing a wonderful job of fucking Brexit up real good,” another insider revealed.

Testing times indeed.