This is Not About Trump or Biden Any More This is About Electoral Integrity

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - We are witnessing something more than a contest between Trump or Biden, this is about democracy and electoral integrity.

"Est inuicem consequens et quod ex diuersis idem ostendit, ut qui mundum nasci dicit per hoc ipsum et deficere significet, quia deficit omne quod nascitur."

Seriously Fuck Trump, Fuck Biden and Fuck the Democrat and Republican parties. Electoral integrity in America is the true casualty of what has occurred in the past week.

What we have witnessed in all its horrid duplicitous glory is something that reveals a system so corrupt and so bereft of decency, honour, justice, that it brings up much bile.

Those citizens of America, those citizens who voted in good faith, only to watch their ballots disappear into bags, or be uncovered in hastily dug holes in deserts, or simply shredded in Philadelphian counting warehouses by low-IQ goons with big fucking smiles on their grotesque faces, venal animals intent on vandalism of the worst kind, those good citizens who believed in justice, fairness in vote can only look on in horror.

To have international vote observers denied entrance to counting rooms is reminiscent of an occurrence in Burma as the Juntas reign supreme. Yet this all happened in the United States of America.

This election was not about two people trying to become president of the USA, it was and has turned out to be about much more. This is about electoral integrity and democracy being harmed to such an extent it is doubtful the West will ever recover.

Looking at the big picture, we have already had our Western democracy, supposedly the epitome of Western civilisation harmed by the censorship meted out by the Big Tech conglomerates and their Marxist allegiance to communist China. No one can dispute the fact that millions of voices have been silenced by social networks, and that it is nigh on impossible to have democratic elections when one side of the political forum has been silenced.

Injustice and censorship, as well as blatant election tampering will of course favour a singular electoral candidate, because it is cheating. If by cheating you win, you are not only cheating others but ultimately yourself because you cheated to win. Can you live with yourself after that, knowing full well that the position you have gained was by the lowly system of cheating?

Trump in all his folly fought the swamp, he fought the globalists, he fought the media, he fought the deep state, he fought the social networks, and he even tried to take on China, but ultimately he was fighting entities entrenched in corrupt practices in a dirty fucking swamp boiling over with so much dishonesty with years of entrenched corruption that in the end they attempted to take him down.

Nothing squeaks louder than the sound of corruption being tampered with, it is so entrenched in the system that it wails with ferocity. Corruption does not like being pointed out, and it does not like being told to move on, and that’s what one Maverick tried to do, Trump poked it with a stick.

This is why today, despite the blatant corruption in the electoral system, despite the silence from the media to Joe Biden’s corruption, the self-appointed media bullies are now suddenly declaring Biden as a winner of the election, even though there is no recourse to do so. These players in the game of corruption are glossing over the blatant election stealing practices because they themselves are arbiters of corruption and deceit, it was always their game, and they think they are the ones that call the shots.

Americans should be ashamed of themselves today, for they have allowed their once great nation to fall foul of such dishonourable electoral cheating practices, and to have the very name of democracy sullied in such a shameful manner. You should all hold your heads in abject shame, for America is no more.

From this moment on, if nothing is resolved, no one should ever trust American elections, or their electoral systems ever again. America has now zero electoral integrity.

When Monday comes, we will see what will happen.

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