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Legal Online Gambling Under Trump and Biden VS England

LONDON - England - What will be the impact of Trump and Biden on online gambling globally and in the UK?

Donald Trump, the former casino owner who became the President. Yes, Donald Trump is famous for running casinos in Atlantic City once upon a time, although one of the last vestiges of that era is being torn down. Donald Trump, believe it or not, has had a demonstrable negative effect on online gambling. Trump’s time as a casino magnate has not translated into anything good for online gambling, however.

In fact, the only significant policy move of his administration on this front has had a decidedly negative impact. The Wire-Act: in 2019, the US Department of Justice rescinded previous guidance on the federal Wire Act. This law deals with conducting gambling on an interstate basis. Historically, it prohibits only interstate sports betting, but the DOJ’s new position is an attempt to extend it to all forms of online gambling.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, is at worst harmless for online gambling. At best, he could help make the climate better for those wanting to play online poker from their homes. Gambling is not a topic Biden speaks much about in general. However, his stances on the rule of law and the role of the federal government suggest that he would, at a minimum, not interfere with states’ efforts to expand gambling. That is often the best we can hope for when it comes to politicians at the federal level.

The most significant piece of concrete information we have is Biden saying he would roll back what Trump has done on the Wire Act:

“I would reverse the White House opinion that was then reversed and overruled by the court. The court is correct. That should be the prevailing position.”

So, as we see, we English lads have it way better here in our isles! Effectively, online gambling has exploded in popularity in the United Kingdom in the recent decade, as more and more people saw the clear advantages of using a computer or smartphone and privileging free spins, finding a new casino, and much more online gambling instead of heading out to a physical casino.

As a result, the authorities have been introducing a raft of measures to keep people safe from gambling harms. The Gambling Commission, a government body established in 2007 that has wide-ranging powers, has been introducing rules in the last two years that have seen rogue casino operators either shut down or issued with hefty fines. It wants a fairer playing field for those who use online casinos

Along with fines and bans, the gambling commission has also brought in measures relating to how online gambling operators advertise their products, particularly so that ads shouldn’t be misleading or appeal in any way to children. Online casinos are also required to have stringent age-verification procedures so that youths cannot set up accounts and start gambling. Additionally, online casinos must act fairly in how they handle their customers’ cash. They can’t hold onto cash or be slow paying out winnings, for instance.

Instead, money must be handed over promptly. It’s all part of making the online gambling experience safe and enjoyable for all and keeping those who shouldn’t be gambling away from sites.

In the years to come, it’s surely a safe bet online gambling in the UK will be bigger and better than ever. So for our battle on who has the best online policies and opportunities…

The UK wins.

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