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Home Improvements That Won’t Leave Your Pockets Empty

LONDON - England - Home improvements do not have to be too expensive to get the desired fresh, modern look for your home.

Unless you want your home to deteriorate, maintenance and continuous improvement project works are highly essential. No doubt, your financial position can sometimes determine the level of improvement you can take upon yourself. If you don’t have access to disposable cash just yet, it’s a good idea to DIY some domestic projects that will translate to significant improvements. This article highlights five simple home improvements that won’t leave your pockets empty.

A fresh coat of paint

paintbrush-4577578_640For around £20-£30, you can get a gallon of paint, so you introduce a fresh new colour to your walls. If you opt for vibrant colours, you’ll no doubt get a few good comments from visitors. Repainting your home is one of the cheapest home improvement projects that significantly impacts the home’s aesthetic. If you are doing it yourself, you can buy rollers alongside the conventional brush to make painting a lot easier and more fun too.

Replace old carpets

carpet-802290_640Your next stop should be the floors. If you are probably aiming to sell your house in the near future, a neat and exquisite floor will catch the fancy of potential buyers. The good news is replacing worn out carpets with a new one isn’t an expensive project. You can get carpets that’ll scream quality and class for as little as £3-£5 per square foot. If you are lucky, some carpet dealers offer free installation services, so whether you want to do it yourself or through a third-party service, you are good to go.

Plant flowers/plants

plant-763965_640When it comes to home improvement strategies, planting flowers and other beautiful plants never gets old. You can’t possibly go wrong whether you choose to grow it outside the house or bring it indoors in a pot. Take a trip to your local nursery and invest as little as £50 to introduce some natural colour around your home. If you don’t have time on your hands to maintain the plants, make sure you opt for plants that do not grow too tall and have the capability of going many days without water.

Replace that boring furniture

chair-1840011_640Having a whole furniture haul may be a little too much. In fact, it might cost a fortune to replace everything if you desire quality sets. However, one of the trending materials used to improve home aesthetics is acrylic plastic sheets which you can get from Simply Plastics. It is similar to glass seeing as it’s completely transparent but better than glass because it doesn’t break easily. What’s more, it’s a lot cheaper than glass or wood and gives homes a modern, sophisticated look. You can use acrylic plastic for :

  • Bookshelves
  • Kitchen stools
  • Coffee tables
  • Art/picture frame
  • Wine racks
  • Center tables

Ditch the curtains

shutters-1680798_640Unless you have a classic home, many homeowners are dumping curtains for shutters. They give you more liberty to control the amount of light you want in the house. You don’t need to spend a fortune to acquire them, and they are a lot easier to maintain since you won’t need to load them into the washing machine now and then.

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