Kamala Harris Waiting With Pillow to Snuff Sleepy Joe Out

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Kamala Harris is patiently waiting to smother Sleepy Joe Biden once he steals his way into power through voter fraud.

kamala harris smothers joe biden
"Goodnight, sleepy Joe!"

Once the Democrats illegally take the White House, not only will the electoral system in America never be trusted ever again, but it will be time up for Sleepy Joe, who will be snuffed out soon after.

“He’s done his job, even though we could have put a piece of shit in his place and it still would have won,” one jubilant Democrat criminal state legislator revealed laughing like a deranged hyena.

The plan will be simple, on the first night that Joe Biden goes to bed in his White House bed, Harris will be waiting in the next room when he falls asleep.

“It will be easy because Joe falls asleep in about 12 seconds flat. We’ve been timing it now for months, as he is under our surveillance. Anyway, once he is asleep, Kamala will sneak into his room with a specially selected pillow and put it over Joe’s face as he’s snoring away peacefully. The rest will be history, Kamala will be the first black female president, and we can get on with the 5-year-plan to bring communism to America,” a Democrat agent revealed from a secret location.

Word is that it took a long time to select the right pillow for the job. Testers didn’t want anything too fluffy, and nothing too heavy, something in between, so the air would be snuffed out quickly and silently from Joe. Much like the transference of ultimate power from Emperor Tiberius to Gaius Caligula, Harris has been given approval from military generals.

Only a matter of time and patience now…shhhhh!