Your Face When You Realise the Guy You Were About to Vote For is a Crooked Corrupt Dirt Bag

DELAWARE - USA - The faces of Democrat voters who wanted to vote for Joe Biden is changing as daily new corruption claims are released.

crooked corrupt joe biden

He’s the only Democrat candidate, and he has just been comprehensively uncovered as a corrupt crook who took backhanders of millions of dollars from China and Ukraine dodgy companies during his tenure in the Obama presidency..


You’re a good person, a Democrat who is a progressive and like to think you know right from wrong…but this, this blatant corruption is just not right, and you’re upset about it, you’re upset at Joe Biden, and his crack cocaine smoking son Hunter. You thought Trump was bad, fed all the propaganda daily by the mainstream media pundits, but it turns out Trump is an angelic choir boy next to Biden.


What the hell are you going to do now? There’s no way you can vote for Trump, so as a good Democrat and a just person, you’re going to spoil your ballot or you’re actually going to vote for Trump. Why would you want to vote Biden in now after what he has done? The Democrats made a severe mistake picking Joe Biden, but at the time it was between him and blatant communist Bernie Sanders, so they went with Biden hoping for the best…but that shit just unravelled, and now the election is on the edge.

For the Democrats, they still do have some hope because of the Ballot Harvesting and rigging that happened before the news came out that incriminated Joe Biden and his crime family, but will that be enough? Now that the evidence is out that Joe and his sons took millions from elicit dark deals from corrupt companies, and even from the Chinese Communist Party, what the hell is going to happen now?

Questions are already being raised with the FBI director on handling of the evidence found on the Hunter Biden laptop by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

And questions are certainly arising on how a U.S. Senator salary of $174,000 per annum can afford the million dollar mansions that Biden has acquired as raised by some Republicans on Twitter, but they unfortunately failed to do their research before posting, as most of the mansions were bought legitimately decades ago for substantially lower prices than they are worth today.

What should be of some concern, according to Biden’s tax returns, is how his income jumped from $396,456 in 2016 to $16,596,979 in 2017-2019.

Some reports, albeit unsubstantiated, relating to the content of Hunter Biden’s hard drive, claim that Hunter, much like his father was interested in underage pursuits, and an expert in child pornography analysed the disk. If this is the case, not only is Hunter Biden a drug addled crook, but a paedophile as well. Whether this information if true will ever be released is another matter.

The question of compromising national security should also be put to Joe Biden, who allegedly took backhanders from the Chinese. It is most certain the CCP has compromised material on Joe Biden, and is the puppet of the Chinese Communist Party. This comes to explaining why Biden is constantly singing the praises of China, simply because of the amount of Kompromat they have on him.

Journalistic cowardice

What’s even more disturbing at the moment is how silent the mainstream media is about the blatant evidence tying Joe Biden in with practices of blatant corruption, especially with agents who wish harm upon the United States. That’s just sad, and frankly leaves a bad taste of cowardice and treason in the mouth. The silence from supposed ‘journalists’ across the newspapers is deafening.

There will be Democrat voters out there who overlook all of these things, all of the compromising evidence and facts linking Joe and his son to blatant corruption, and they will vote for Joe despite what they know is something very wrong. They will try to justify his actions, but deep down they will know they voted for a scumbag, a treasonous traitor and a corrupt sleazy, partially senile, corrupt dealer with no love for his country or any kind of morals — Creepy Sleepy Crooked Joe.