America’s Free and Fair Elections in the Age of the Internet

SILICON VALLEY - USA - America's previously free and fair elections have been perverted and subverted by the internet monopolies to benefit one candidate.

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Western tech companies following China's communist censorship techniques

One would like to think that America is the paragon of freedom, justice and democratic elections, however in the age of internet monopolies this is not the case. The age of free and fair elections is now dead.

Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam

What kind of a fair election can a nation have if one candidate is protected, and promoted everywhere, and their followers allowed to attack the other candidate freely, whereas followers of the other electoral candidate are muzzled, banned, shut down and erased without compunction or reason?

Is it a free and fair election where one side of the political spectrum is disallowed to criticise or say anything against the protected candidate? It is certainly not a free election, neither is it democratic in the least to see the monopoly companies emulating practices that are more in line with communist China than America.

The actions of these monopolies is exactly akin to what happened in the Soviet Union, East Germany, Cuba and Fascist Germany. These totalitarian actions are an affront to basic forms of free speech, freedom of the press, and democracy.

Above the law, above all forms of government, and not answerable to anyone, the monopolies operate with impunity in skewing the election in their favour, and perverting the once democratic U.S. electoral system, now a one-sided joke, and a global laughingstock.

The blatant vote rigging added to the equation also brings the once great system of American elections down to the level of some banana republic.


How can we trust the result of the U.S. electoral system now since it has shown to be perverted in such a one-sided, biased manner? When the election occurs in November, and they announce the results, it will be a case of questioning the result due to the practice of the monopoly companies who are now above government, in fact the internet monopoly companies are the government now, and there is no oversight, there is no trust in their operations.

Searching for an opinion contrary to the Democrat candidate is now practically impossible on the dominant search engine. These formats were meant to cater for everyone equally, yet they only benefit one point of view, and in collusion with the Democrat party, and China, it is in effect a silent coup against the basic tenets of free speech, democracy, as well as free fair elections.

Naturally, nothing will happen about the disparity, the perversion of America’s once diligently fair elections, simply because the lobbyists for these monstrous internet conglomerate monopolies can splash the cash wherever they want and buy off any government they want, or congress, or senator.

America is on the verge of losing itself completely unless someone, somewhere does something to rescue this prevalent corrupt state that has befallen the country.

With no platform for equal discussion, where one side is given the stage, the other given nothing but heavy-handed censorship, an election can only be deemed illegal, undemocratic and false.

Step up, or lose the country forever.