Oh Dear, Seattle CHOP Gets the CHOP!

SEATTLE - USA - The Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) autonomous zone has finally been given the chop.

CHOP, Seattle (Twitter)

After four shootings, mass rapes, and a blight on the urban landscape, looks like Seattle’s ‘Summer of Love’ Venezuelan experiment has come to an abrupt end, with the CHOP getting the chop.

Residents brought out the tiniest violin ever seen to play as the city’s municipal department cleared up all the various bits of bric-a-brac and turds in the area.

“Cleaning up the raw human faeces and needles is a thankless task but someone has to do it,” a disgruntled worker wearing a Hazmat suit and gas mask said whilst looking over a huge steaming turd nestled on the road.

As the hours went by of the clean-up, all there could be heard was a whining, and crying sound as some of the CHOPPERS were summarily arrested for blocking the workers.

It comes as no surprise that CHOP ended up like every other Marxist experiment, and finally, the poor downtrodden residents of the area can now walk in their neighbourhood without fear of violence, rape or death.