Coronavirus Second Wave Hits Iran

TEHRAN - Iran - Iranians are reporting a second wave in coronavirus infections, since easing their lockdown.

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The Iranians who recently eased down the lockdown have noticed a huge resurgence in the coronavirus infections.

So far, Iran is the first nation to have spotted a second wave of coronavirus, and this could be a worrying precedent for other nations who are also easing lockdowns.

Head of Iranian Health Ministry’s Public Relations Office, Kianoush Jahanpour, said on Friday that 63 more Iranians have passed away from coronavirus (COVID-19) over the past 24 hours bringing the total deaths in the country to 8,134.

It is quite doubtful that the figures divulged from the Iranian regime are accurate, and much like China are seriously suspect. One must add on at least 60% to the official figures released when dealing with both countries.

Iran began easing its lockdown restrictions Рwhich were imposed in February as the virus ran rampant Рin mid-April as the disease declined.

Cases began picking up again in early May and have now been above 3,000 for three days running, even as gyms and public offices were reopened at the weekend.

Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani revealed his worries on Wednesday when the new figures came through: “If in any part of the country these warnings are not taken seriously and, God forbid, the outbreak of illness peaks again, the authorities will have to re-impose restrictions.

“This will create problems for the ordinary lives of citizens and also will bring serious economic damage to society.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, and rest of Europe, many countries are now in June easing lockdowns, and some Mediterranean countries desperate for tourist money are urging resorts to re-open.

The Daily Squib has warned consistently of the dangers of any easing of the lockdown, but economics are more important.

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