There’s a very good reason why the UK has the highest death rate in Europe for the coronavirus. There was no proper lockdown in the first place, and to top it off, people did not wear proper masks when they ventured out.

This is why the virus survived very well, especially in the packed London Underground train carriages and other public transport. Over 100,000 flights from hotspots all over the globe land in Britain every week during the supposed lockdown, and all ports are open without any checks whatsoever.

Now the government plans to open schools on June 1, which will increase the spread of the virus as many children catch it, bringing it home without any visible symptoms and infect the rest of the family. The cycle will simply continue. Irresponsible, selfish parents who are pushing for schools to open are obviously ignorant to the current situation, and have little care for the welfare of their own kids or for teachers in schools.

The extent the second wave will affect the population cannot be estimated but pathetic distancing rules will do nothing in enclosed offices where the virus will swill around like a deadly airborne soup in the atmosphere, as it is pumped through the ventilation systems from room to room.

Just as the second wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu was deadlier than the first, even Imperial College projections reveal how just a 20% relaxing of the lockdown can prove deadly.

The coronavirus is waiting with eagerness for its second wave, and the idiots in government seem only too willing to feed the dragon a few more times.