Will Harry Ever Forgive Meghan For Her Crime?

LONDON - England - The final appearance of Harry at Westminster Abbey, put aside by the royal family, was one that will stay in Harry's memory for a long time.

The tragedy of the final appearance of the former prince, Harry and the woman he naively followed out of the royal family, resembles a tragic play worthy of Shakespeare or an operatic masterpiece from another era.

Will Harry ever forgive this odious power mad manipulative commoner who ruined his royalty, who put a stain on his image that will probably never be removed? Meghan, with her constant gleeful fake smile parades her power over the lowly, weak, Harry with a commanding authority much like a pig farmer parades their prize breed boar through the stalls of an auction house.

Harry’s life will from now on be a sad shadow of his previous one, and it’s all down to the emasculating, vindictive monster he has been fooled into mating with. Nothing to lose Meghan gained everything while Harry, who had so much, gave up everything, for little or no return.

One royal fan from the crowd observing, quipped, “Be careful with whom you stick your winky into ‘arry, for it can affect your whole life, drastically for the worse, as you’re seeing now. The initial buzz of the first time lust always dies down.”

meghan harry last appearance westminster abbey

“Meghan and her Croydon facelift does not care about Archie, otherwise she would have brought him along on the trip to England for the final appearance, and she vindictively used the child’s absence as a way of punishing Her Majesty, the Queen. Withholding grandchildren to punish, is an oft used technique by parents with a stick to whack,” one angry woman said from the sidelines of the abbey.

meghan lusts mandingo
The look of love, Meghan fawns over another man.

The service at Westminster Abbey in honour of the Commonwealth was most certainly marred by the antics and idiosyncrasies of the Firm, something well documented over the decades.

In years to come, or maybe sooner, Harry will resent this woman who took him away from his beloved army mates, his brother, from his country, and from his family, and from the sprawling palaces, the shooting grounds, the rolling hills of England, the Pomp and Circumstance, gone now, a distant memory with only vast straight grid roads and fast food restaurants to look at in his new environs.

Harry, always the runt of the litter, had a reprieve from his status before he met Meghan, and was hugely popular with the public, but now he is back to being the runt, and of course, he is now married/imprisoned to a grand – – – -!