Creepy Joe Biden, seems to have had the support of the establishment Democrats who realise that the communist Bernie Sanders would not survive long under a Trump onslaught. He also garnered the African American vote by using the time honoured Democrat trick of keeping the poor naive African Americans in the white Democrat Plantation.

Now the Democrats have fallen down to the level of Creepy Old Uncle Joe, who likes to whisper sweet nothings to 12-year-old girls during White House photoshoots and French kiss his own granddaughter.

joe biden's granddaughter
Former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden kisses his granddaughter at a Democrat rally in Nevada. (Twitter)

The deranged crowds at Biden’s gatherings all have that whacked out look in their eyes as they swill around like a vomitus soup of hypnotic sickness.

They all cheer and chant in unison as Biden points at them, god knows what manner of virus courses through the crowds, possibly a ‘super spreader’ infecting hundreds at each rally, as they sneeze and cough the COVID-19 pathogen and its deadly droplets into the open aghast mouths of Biden’s blind followers.

Like lemmings willingly running off a cliff, they follow this elderly creepy man simply because he was the vice president of the only African American president in U.S. history, and did not achieve one thing during his tenure apart from standing around looking like a spare gear.

Biden, stutters and splutters his way through his heavily scripted speeches, his senility shows, his braincells long gone, his dilapidated sponge brain now functioning at a fraction of what is considered normal operation.

The election rallies are wonderful conduits for the coronavirus to spread, as Americans flock without any facial protection, touching surfaces with their bare hands, sneezing over everything, shouting, cheering and ultimately spreading the miniscule droplets of death far and wide.

If there is an election before most of these people end up in a FEMA camp heaving for breath and Trump instates martial law is another question best ignored.