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All it takes is three to five days of supermarket shelves being empty for societal collapse to occur and the people who are unprepared searching for food.

The people who do not rely on the government and are prepared with stockpiled food and weapons for protection will still have the threat of dealing with those who are unprepared.

Anyone who reads the news will see the Love Island headlines as the world is gripped with one of the deadliest viruses in known history. This means most of the population are more concerned by shit brain-dead reality shows than preparing for survival.

Half of the British population could be infected with Covid-19, yet, the majority of Britain is more concerned with watching reality TV shows that dumb down the masses effectively acting as a lobotomy on the general population.

looting supermarkets

All it will take is a sharp spike in coronavirus cases in the UK, and the already inundated NHS will be completely paralysed by the mass influx of cases. Supermarkets will all be emptied within days, banks will stop serving customers and will halt access to funds, mobile phone operators will cease to function, and if rioting and looting in cities occur, army units could be dispatched in the streets to keep order.

Money will be worthless, and food, clean water, toilet paper, sanitary supplies will be the only bargaining chips people will have.

Empty shelves in venezuelan supermarket
SANTA ELENA DE UAIREN, VENEZUELA – AUGUST 12, 2015: Empty shelves in a supermarket. Shortages of basic supplies are common in Venezuela.

How long can your family survive without food? Every family should have at least 6 months worth of food and water stockpiled today, but unfortunately this will not be the case. Many hundreds of thousands of UK citizens will be unprepared, and will depend on the government to help in a state of crisis, however that help may never come, or it may come too late.

When societal breakdown occurs, there will be gangs of people walking the streets, house to house, supermarket to supermarket looting and violently liberating food supplies from those citizens who were expedient and who were prepared, therefore it is not just food supplies you should be thinking of but weapons that can deter these marauders. There will not be any police, and the army may not be deployed or available. It will be up to you to ensure the survival of you and your family — alone.