corpses body bags
The Chinese authorities have lied about the number of deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19.


Reports are coming in regarding the discovery of tens of thousands of corpses in body bags discovered in an underground complex. Please note, it is very hard to qualify this news from China because of the communist state’s policy of a news blackout regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus. Some claim the images are from a film, however the footage is being transmitted on some Chinese networks and Tencent with testimonies from workers.

The workers who were employed to maintain an underground complex in the city of Shantou, Guangdong Province, China leaked the information via Twitter, and if discovered by the communist police, will be detained and punished.

According to the Chinese reports, rows and rows of body bags were piled up in an area the size of a football field, and this was only in one containment zone within the underground bunker, there could be even more compartments holding more bodies.

Chinese authorities have been rushed off their feet by the amount of deaths, they may have stockpiled the bodies in underground facilities across China, supposedly out of the way.

The incinerators have been running day and night 24-7, but even then it is not enough to burn all the bodies.

The official death toll in China is now just over 1,000 deaths, but could actually be in the moderate estimation of 60-70,000 or more.

UPDATE: Backsearching of the image is inconclusive, but  our conclusion is it is most definitely a fake, however it is being utilised in Chinese media. The body bag picture is taken from the 2014 series – The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro.

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