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Workers in China Discover Thousands of Sealed #Coronavirus Corpses in Body...

GUANGDONG PROVINCE - China - Workers have discovered thousands of corpses in body bags in an underground complex.

BREAKING: Crazy Erdoğan Has His Day

ISTANBUL - Turkey - President Erdogan is now in hiding as the secular Turkish military has taken over his extremist Islamist government.

BREAKING: 90 People Killed Truck Attack in Nice France Bastille Day

NICE - France - Bastille Day has been marred by another act of terror as a truck ploughed into a crowd killing many,

Breaking News: David Mellor Run Over by 14 Taxis

LONDON - England - Former Conservative MP and radio host, David Mellor has sadly passed away after being run over accidentally by fourteen London taxi cabs.


WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Who would have thought the CIA uses torture? Well, well, well, it's like a huge surprise to many.

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