BREAKING: Crazy Erdoğan Has His Day

ISTANBUL - Turkey - President Erdogan is now in hiding as the secular Turkish military has taken over his extremist Islamist government.


The staunchly secular military has had enough of Islamist Erdoğan and are attempting a military coup.

Had Enough

Former president Erdoğan , who was attempting to increase Islamist influence on Turkey has had his day and is holed up in a bunker somewhere.

Martial law has been instated and military generals in Turkey have taken over.


In the spirit of the founder of modern Turkey, Ataturk, the secularists have once again cleaned house after the dictatorial Erdoğan was toppled.

How will this play with Turkey’s aspirations to joining the EU? Who cares? No one in their right mind would want to join the EU any way, least the predominantly Muslim country who are treated as pariahs by mainland Europe.

During his despotic reign, Erdoğan ruled with an iron fist, curtailed freedom, democracy and pushed an Islamist agenda which went against the Turkish secular constitution.