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Give Your Wrists A Hip Twist With Daniel Wellington Watches

Not more than a few years ago, no one actually heard of Daniel Wellington, the watch brand that suddenly leaped as a hip fashion symbol with its classic 3 striped watchstraps. It is practically become a rage these days in the fashion arena.



Daniel Wellington watches received such massive reception globally because it really confirmed to the aesthetics of simplicity. The popularity of Daniel Wellington watches is already evident as their watches are being sported by famous Hollywood stars like Selena Gomez and Lee Jong Suk and we cannot forget the epic model Mariano Di Vaio wearing Daniel Wellington. Nothing makes really an authentic hipster spell than a Daniel Wellington watch grabbing your wrist and it becomes even more sensual when it is coupled up with a trendy backpack.

• Unmatched Aesthetics

This stunning watch that raged the fashion circuit with its cool look and elegant bearing is available for both men and women. It is fashionable, luxurious and throughout simple without least traces of any baroque element. From the Daniel Wellington watch sported by Mariano Di Valo, the easy-going yet elegant fashion statement is through and through clear. Well, dig the entire range better to have an all encompassing idea of the appeal that suits your moods and clothing range.

DW Canterbury range, particularly the Nato strap designer watch offers a pretty simplistic look with a beautiful nylon strap and rose gold buckle, stainless case, and strap loop. The best thing about these designer watches for men is that you are allowed to buy interchangeable watch straps without any extra cost. Tic Watches as a premier destination for designer watches offers a wide variety of designer watch straps that are available for both gents and ladies. Except various color straps to meet your color preference there is also a luxurious leather design worth mentioning.


• What Makes Daniel Wellington So Special?

What makes Daniel Wellington so special? Well, to tell some attributes of this fashion watch range we must call it chic and classy and thoroughly minimalistic which is at the same time is perfect wear for the wrists in all occasions. Do you want to boast off a typical English feel to your appearance? Well, besides sporting of an elegant dinner jacket never forget to buy a special edition DW watch if you really want to flair a princely charm.

If you ask me whether I like to wear it in a very special occasion? Well, I would rather say it is best for wearing at any time of the day and for all occasions. Moreover, the large round and simple dial of the watch connected with a piece of fashionably colored straps makes the best fashion statement to grab in all occasions and day to day moments. It may look really sportive and funny with the additional color stripes in the watch, but it is equally elegant to accompany your business suit and festive attire. You can choose the leather band if you really want an expressly formal look.

Daniel Wellington watches are built with extremely superior craftsmanship with thin, sleek, refined and perfectly round built and almost stripped off elements. Besides the so called strap colors with Nato straps, there are other color options available with the watch. We seldom wear watches as mobile devices offer the easiest way to look at the time. But when it comes to making a fashion statement, we strive to possess a designer watch like Daniel Wellington.



Daniel Wellington rose to its present fame and worldwide reputation as one of the most sought after fashion watch brand not long ago. The lived history that made this watch as what it is today became possible is no less intriguing. When traveling around the world, the founder of the brand Filip Tysander accidentally met an interesting gentleman staying in the British Isles. This man in his flamboyant and simple style used to wear a watch with Nato colored stripes. This gentleman was none other than Daniel Wellington in whose name brand is running today.

That defining moment or encounter with that easy going person with a stylistic element of his own actually shaped the fate of one of the most popular designer watch brands in the world. So, just like the famous watches that never failed to make the fashion statement for celebrities, DW watches have created their niche presence. We have seen many stylish watch brands to offer really creepy stuff in the name of simplicity, but Daniel Wellington in this prospect has been a really different watchmaker brand. Whether you want to look really serious or just want to allow a little sporty feel, this range is really rich to offer every option. A Nato strap to more classy leather strap, you have all options to befit your style perfectly.


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