Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe.
Robert Gabriel Mugabe - *21.02.1924-06.09.2019; Zimbabwean dictator and President of Zimbabwe from 1987 to 2017.

“I am happy to see the British parliament has acted like Zimbabwe during my heyday. They took over control from the Johnson government, then put in bills tying the PM’s hands behind his back. Democracy has now been forfeited by a corrupt parliament that any Zimbabwe dictator would be proud of, and Brexit, which was supposed to be the largest democratic vote in British history, was actually a sham, and easily overturned by massive corruption by EU agents working inside British parliament. Brilliant! I could not have done it better,” Mr. Mugabe revealed shortly before he died.

The loss of democracy in Britain will go down in the history books, ultimately meaning that voting in Britain from now on does not count for anything because the result of a vote is not honoured by a parliament that is corrupt.

The Lib Dems are the biggest proponents of anti-democratic ideals bordering on communist dictatorships and have been putting every ounce of their energy into stopping the democratic vote of Brexit.

Sadly for the likes of the European Union, John Bercow, the Labour and Lib Dems, and Tory rebels, who have thwarted Brexit and democracy in Britain, Robert Mugabe, died today at the age of 95.

The unconstitutional, anti-democratic establishment will hold a five-minute silence today in parliament to commemorate the passing of their favourite African dictator, Robert Mugabe.