theresa may corruption Lubov Chernukhin 3
Lubov Chernukhin, second from right, dined with Theresa May and six female cabinet ministers including Amber Rudd, Andrea Leadsom and Liz Truss after paying £135,000 to the Tory party (Instagram)

When it comes to corruption and Russian collusion in British politics, how about a bunch of Tory Remainer women being paid £135,000 for a night out on the town by a Russian with deep politburo ties?

You can’t make this shit up. The Russians not only have carte blanche to poison half of Salisbury with deadly agents, but have their wallets deep in the Tory party thus dictating policy to Theresa May and influencing her stance on Brexit.

One thing the Russians do not want is an independent strong sovereign Britain because the country would grow in strength again militarily as well as economically. The Russians want a weakened Britain controlled by an incompetent bureaucratic corrupt entity like the EU. This keeps Britain tied up to an EU superstate that takes away Britain’s power and consolidates it with its collectivist ideology.

If you want to see the corruption just follow the money trail. This is why Theresa May is avoiding Brexit like the plague and has reneged on all previous promises to uphold the vote of the people on the EU referendum.

What’s that banging sound? It’s the final nail being hit into the Tory coffin.