Tory Party Extinction Activists Blockade Corridor in Westminster

LONDON - England - Tory party extinction protesters have blockaded parts of the House of Commons to try and save their political party.

The group of four remaining Tory party Extinction activists have blockaded a corridor in the House of Commons to protest the extinction of their party.

“We have reason to believe that a corridor leading to a bathroom was blockaded at 8am this morning by four surviving Conservative members,” a Commons security officer told the media.

After losing many former Tory voters, as well as the majority of the party’s grassroots, and funding, the Conservative party has been reduced to such a low level of enthusiasm that desperation has crept in to the last remaining members.

At 9am, a statement was read out by the leader of the Tory Party Extinction protest group.

“We have superglued our hands and feet to the walls and floor. We will not move until our party is restored to its full glory. This means, one thing has to go for that to happen, it’s that bloody witch Theresa May what’s done it. Oust her before we truly are extinct!”

Local elections in England and Wales on May 2nd will see the already ailing Tories lose over 1000 seats in local councils across the country.

Funding for the party, thanks to May’s ineptitude and Brexit Remainer stance has now completely ground to a halt.

The Tory party has also lost thousands of former voters, MPs and supporters because of Theresa May denying the Brexit people voted for in the EU Referendum.

The Westminster Tory Extinction protesters are threatening to block even more corridors if they do not have their way, however there aren’t anymore Tories to help them so they are now thinking of hiring protesters from other parties to help them out. With only £4.32 left in the Tory war chest, there is no one they can hire for that money.