To have a forward looking independent sovereign Britain that embraces democracy is a threat to Britain’s enemies.

Instead, those who wish to weaken the country wish it to be swallowed up by a soviet EU superstate where its wealth, innovation and freedom are subverted and assimilated within a collectivist totalitarian mechanism then eviscerated completely.

The EU only weakens nations, it takes away power of a country’s right to self determination, and to make its own economic decisions. Britain as a free nation would thus be a greater threat to the EU, and to countries like Russia and China.

This is why within the UK, there are enemy operatives within parliament who are funded directly by the EU and Russia trying to stop Brexit with such vigour. These same people who promised to uphold the EU Referendum result have now subverted and almost destroyed any chance of a proper, clean Brexit.

The enemy within, works for the enemy without, and their job is to keep Britain shackled to an EU political superstate to weaken Britain and rob it of its riches.

Debt ridden EU countries like Greece, Italy and Spain need the cash cow of Britain, a stalwart money bank which funds their socialist lifestyles of three day working weeks and massive pension plans when they retire at 40.

Media elements who have received large funding from the EU, like the BBC, and Russian owned newspapers like the Independent and Evening Standard are also actively trying to thwart Brexit.

The elements in the British parliament who are paid by the EU to destroy Brexit, are also supported wholly by Russian interests. Certainly, to have an independent Britain is a great threat to Russia and China. They do not want Brexit at all costs, because Britain would once again rise economically and militarily.

Theresa May and her operatives are therefore seeking to ruin Brexit, to keep Britain shackled indefinitely to the EU, to never be able to make our own laws or control our borders, or to make trade deals for ourselves.

No, Britain must be weak, it must be enslaved, it must have its economic wings clipped, it must be controlled by Brussels, because the EU fears it as much as Russia and China do.

The operatives actively working against Britain in parliament do not have morals, or care about their country, they have had their bank accounts filled by the EU and Russian elements. This is all that they care about.