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Tories Keep Theresa May to Spare Boris Johnson Clashing With Brexit Party

LONDON - England - It is in the interests of the opponents of the Tories that failure PM, Theresa May is kept in power to ruin the Conservative party further and allow others to flourish in the European elections.

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The 1922 Committee have quite astutely kept the current ailing PM, Theresa May in power because it would be imprudent to have a leadership contest now and have Boris Johnson win, thus clashing with the Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage.

It is better to keep Theresa May as prime minister to continue ruining the already devastated Conservative party which has now lost many of their voters, key funding, grassroots support and MPs.

“I am happy that Theresa May is staying in power because she will continue to ruin the Tory party, and leave it out of power for at least two generations. She has already damaged the party to such an extent that daily, many voters and MPs are moving to the Brexit party. Furthermore, we like Boris Johnson and if she left, we would be up against him, which is something we do not want to happen,” a Brexiteer who supports the Brexit Party revealed on Thursday.

Theresa May is the gift that keeps giving to the Tory opposition, and this is why they want her to be kept as PM by the Remainer Tory hierarchy, who have close ties with big business and the EU.

“As long as they keep May as PM, we can ensure success in the European elections, and finally change the insipid two party system that has plagued this country for so long. It is imperative that she stays in her job and continues to ruin the Conservative party. The Tories are not Conservatives anymore anyway, they are socialists aligned with the Marxist Labour party,” another former Tory voter explained.

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