What we have seen in the last day or so in the Brexit imbroglio is a capitulation by staunch eurosceptic Tory MPs with regards to the flawed Theresa May Brexit deal.

Jacob Rees Mogg and his coterie of ERG members including Boris Johnson are now backing the backstop deal of Theresa May, twice rejected in parliament votes.

Limit choice

There is some intelligence in the way May, through her advisory panel have acted within the last few weeks, and this steering of votes has been due to the calculated illusion of a loss of control. What the PM has done is to allow the premise of Brexit to be threatened completely by taking No Deal off the table, an act which goes against legal avenues, and is contradictory to what is stated in the Conservative manifesto.

Here was May bleating day after day for years that “No Deal was better than a Bad Deal” only to renege on her promise to voters at the last moment and put a free vote to parliament so that a House of Commons that is 95% Remain can vote No Deal down.

By eking out the Brexit process, May has allowed MPs to try to subvert the EU Referendum result, and she has actively encouraged an element of chaos by feigning weakness in her leadership. By all means May is not weak, her steely character is devoid of emotion and robotically carries out her daily operations. This is a person who cannot relate to other humans in the traditional sense but only through intricate levels of manipulation in order to get her way.

Through the perceived element of chaos, where everything seems to have lost control, one can steer MPs and voters in any election towards a certain goal. Putting artificial time limits on processes also helps to create a level of urgency.

Therefore, you create the problem, take out strategically all other positive avenues, add in sudden negative avenues with free MP votes, amendments, sweeten up your marks with a Chequers meal, et voila, from chaos one brings order.

Parliamentarians like to think they’re clever but like civilian sheep they have to be rounded up too into their pens. Bribes, promises, chaos, whatever, it all comes down to, greed or fear, the carrot or the stick these chumps are manipulated and steered as much as anyone else.

Ultimately, at the top of the hierarchy, the EU are now laughing all the way to the bank and will be salivating at the £39 billion they will receive soon. Britain has shown itself to be a nation housed by treacherous MPs intent on betraying their own nation and people and a parliament that is devoid of democracy. Britain never won World War I, or World War II, those were mere battles because the war was won by the EU in the end, headed by Germany of course, and they did not have to fire a single shot to win it.