trump revenge

You ever seen the Don angry, or vengeful? His colour changes from a hue of orange to blood red, steam can be seen exiting from his ears, his nostrils flex like a bull’s and he brings forth a vengeance many rarely witness in their lifetime.

“You don’t fuck with the Don. He makes people go away, like vamoos, gone!” a former construction partner revealed.

The Don has been very polite during this witch hunt upon his amazing election victory in 2016. He has been very calm and just let it play out, because he knew he was innocent, and these shisters, these miscreants were just butt hurt socialist pseudo-commie scum.

Time is up now though, and the gloves are off. The Don, who has been put through the dumpster with these Russian collusion allegations is going to clean house, to purge the treasonous swine who dared to challenge a legitimate election result.

“They made up stories, they censored media that was calling them out, they are the ones in the wrong, they are the fake news peddlers, and I got news for you folks, we know who you are, we know what you said, we know where you live, and we are coming to get you!” a defiant Trump told a rally audience in Kentucky today.

There will be no respite, and there will be no kid gloves, this time, business is business. It’s clean up time, they’ll be whacked silently, in their beds, in their offices, in the supermarket, wherever.

Time for the purge to begin.