Useless $25.2 Million Mueller Report Cost to US Taxpayer Applauded by Democrats

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The democrat party has applauded spending $25.2 million on the Mueller Report witch hunt on President Trump based on lies and social media rumours just because they lost the election in 2016.

The socialist witch hunt utilising unfounded conspiracy claims on the president with the Mueller report has been applauded by the Democrat party as a successful waste of money.

Speaking from Congress, Democrat congressional member, Alina Rajanthani stated emphatically that it was all worth it.

“We are very happy that US taxpayers had to pay $25.2 million to conduct a massive witch hunt on President Trump by the Robert Mueller report just because we were butt hurt after losing the election. The fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election because she conducted an atrocious campaign during the election is not the point, the point is, as your democrat representatives it is our right as socialists to spend as much taxpayer money on unfounded fake news rumours spread by our operatives just because we lost an election. We shall pursue to be as coercive and wasteful as possible if you elect one of our 300 candidates standing in the 2020 election. Fuck Trump and all white people are evil pieces of shit and we need more censorship of any media other than left wing. Thank you!”

Meanwhile, many witnessed a putrefying sun dried raisin freaking out in Congress on Monday as usual, Maxine Waters, was seen banging her head against a desk as she shouted expletives and racist chants before being stretchered off into a backroom with a plastic bag over her head.