neville_chamberlain theresa may

Kicking the can extension, don’t mention the flextension because it could be extended as a permaextension till the Brexitstention materialises into the forevextension, a mere drop in the ocean of course to the multi timbered concentric metabolic Brexitatyranosaurextension, a monolithic gargantuan testament to extension science that would make Hawking stand up in his grave and pirouette across the graveyard.

What must we do with these extensions that the shister of inequity, Theresa May has foisted on us simply to save her poxy job?

Let us today embrace the flextension of Brexitstention and all its various conundrums, and all the people in Brussels watching with bated breath wishing for all this to be over by the next flextension period with two dates.

It is quite evident that the people do not count in this equation though, they have been merely bypassed and forgotten amongst the morass of tawdry legalese spouted from the mouths of bureaucrats shamefully embracing every flextension possible to completely eviscerate Brexit totally from existence.

We say ‘Fuck you! Theresa May! It is you who has done this, it is you who had all the time in the world to take us out of the EU but you did not do it. You stalled, you held back, you are a cum dodger extraordinaire, and it is because of you that No Deal was taken off the table, and it is because of you that MPs are faced with poor voting choices. So, please go now, to the flextension hell that you have created shove it up your own extension, as black as it may be, nevertheless shove it! Your legacy will be written in history as the worst British PM ever to darken the corridors of Westminster and the one who ultimately destroyed democracy in the UK.