theresa may - the end

Just because the public and parliament are tired of the remainer PM, Theresa May and her incessant lacklustre performance with regards to the Brexit negotiations, should we or MPs ever accept Theresa May’s bad deal.

It is because of Theresa May that we are in this situation right now, and not the fault of the MPs who were asked to accept a terrible capitulation deal.

One can only hope now that Italy and other EU countries veto the extension. The only reason May is trying to extend the deal is to put a gun to the heads of MPs to accept her horrid deal.

In no circumstances should anyone vote for May’s deal. Theresa May is not listening and is a pig headed tragic figure, she is a tired robotic fool that is so far removed from reality that her frazzled brain has been completely blended into mush.

Britain needs to leave the EU by March 29, as was promised by Article 50.