The only way Theresa May can ever vindicate her previous inaction and misguided action, is through an orderly Clean Brexit or as it is labelled by the perpetually afraid — a No Deal Brexit.

The government should therefore give businesses more clarity on the processes of a managed Clean Brexit to allay their fears.

The rest of the world has been trading perfectly well under WTO rules, as does Britain right now.

The Project Fearmongers are a bunch of hysterical Remoaners who are only afraid that they will be cut off from their mother’s teat momentarily, i.e. mother Brussels, who gives them their monthly stipends and backhanders.

This is why the government must step up their preparations with extra budgets available for all business in Britain, and tax reductions, as well as tax breaks taken from the £39 Billion which would otherwise have been thrown away into the EU black hole.

Theresa May must present a positive view of a Clean Brexit, and all this Millennium Bug scaremongering must be stopped.

Anna Soubry who has threatened to resign would be another welcome effect of a Clean Brexit. The contemptuous witch should have been fired and thrown from the party in disgrace a long time ago anyway.

The Clean Brexit should become central policy immediately, and it should be embraced as a wonderful opportunity to escape the EU cleanly.

If Theresa May does not adhere to this Clean Brexit then she should be removed and a real implementation of the Brexit must be conducted by a Brexiteer.

This is the only opportunity for Britain to exit the EU with some dignity and Theresa May to vindicate herself.