Theresa May Remain Remoaner
Theresa May campaigned strongly for Remain during the EU Referendum - photo - Twitter

No Brexiteers allowed in the head-to-head TV debate, no Brexiteers in the Treasury, no Brexiteers in the Bank of England, no Brexiteers in the Cabinet, No brexiteers allowed to negotiate with the EU, no Brexiteers in BBC discussions, no Brexiteers in Whitehall etc..

Brexiteers have been vilified, labelled as extremists, called dumb, and completely denounced, ignored from the EU negotiations or debate.

Remainer, Theresa May, and her adjutant, Oily Robbins, a staunch remainer, have effectively hijacked the whole Brexit process, and have proposed a deal which leaves the UK completely vulnerable to the EU, and ties it in to the Customs Union, indefinitely thus relinquishing any way of conducting global trade deals. The remainer PM, has even gone through two ‘Brexit secretaries’ a job which is nothing more than a glorified tea boy, with no power or role in the process of exiting the EU.

The EU referendum, was the largest democratic vote ever held in the UK, and 52% voted to Leave the EU. We are not dumb, we knew very well what this entailed. It meant leaving the EU Customs Union, the ECJ, the CAP, the CFP, the Single Market and all the other EU constructs designed to imprison countries, whilst making Brussels and the few favoured nations running the show richer.

It’s as simple as that.

If we had a Brexiteer as PM, we would have been out of the EU two years ago, and forging trade deals now. The Irish backstop is something created by remainers and the EU to thwart a full exit. It makes no logical sense to have a remainer as PM in charge of Brexit, or all the other remainers who are pulling their remainer strings in positions of power.

There is no other recourse but to instate a Brexit leader immediately. Theresa May, is a duplicitous liar, who has been shown to have used corrupt processes to thwart Brexit at every turn, and is now even stopping the publication of her Attorney General’s legal advice, which even Tony Blair did not do before the Iraq war was erroneously pushed through parliament.

Now is the time to act, because there is plenty of evidence of wrongdoing on Theresa May’s part, she must be impeached, given a vote of no confidence and summarily booted from office.

Do it now.