Theresa May’s Brexit In Name Only is a sure chance that many voters will now turn to Jeremy Corbyn and his party.

The shame of Theresa May to even call her pathetic plan a Brexit is an insult to every leave voter who voted in 2016 to leave the EU.

“She’s just signing a document which states that we stay in the EU indefinitely. There’s no get out clause either. In plain English it’s not a Brexit but a shameful capitulation to the EU. That’s why I’m voting for Corbyn next election and you should too. No one will trust the Tories ever again because they have been completely duplicitous and dishonest with their core voters. Never again, thanks to Theresa May will any of us vote Tory again. Better to vote for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn,” a former Conservative voter revealed today.

Thousands of former Conservative voters, and Lib Dems are now opting for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Along with the youth vote, the extra numbers will get Corbyn into Number 10, Downing Street and Theresa May out.

“It’s now the only way to get rid of her. Jeremy Corbyn is the only way, because the Tories can’t do it, despite her blatantly taunting Brexiteers with her lies. I’m not a socialist or a communist like Corbyn but I will vote for him, as he is the only eurosceptic left who can actually do something,” another former Tory voter revealed.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s main reason for leaving the EU will be to bolster a firm communist state in Britain without the interference of the EU, and its ideals.

“Corbyn sees the EU as a meddling money sucker. It would be better to leave the EU completely so that Britain could keep its money to spend on socialist issues, the NHS, welfare, and education. Also, Corbyn will need tonnes of money for the many nationalisations he has planned. This will take a lot of capital, especially the rail networks, nationalising utilities, and building millions of new council houses across the UK,” Labour’s chief spokesman, Mike Oxlong, told the New Statesman.

No one will vote conservative for another thirty to forty years after this debacle, and quite rightly so. Britain will thus be resigned to its fate as a pseudo-communist island replete with comrades in arms marching up and down Red Trafalgar Square.

It says a lot that many Brexiteers will move towards Jeremy Corbyn, who is the antithesis of everything they believe in, however there is an old saying, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. Corbyn is now the friend, and Theresa May the enemy.

Viva La Revolucion!