Feminism is now in its last death throes and many are welcoming a dawning of a new age, where free love reigns and puritanism is resigned to history.

Professor Jonah Collins, at the University of Wichita, revealed the intricacies of the sudden change in mood.

“When you have an age of puritan, politically correct, sexless boredom, people eventually have enough. You can’t pit the sexes against each other forever, eventually love wins through. This is what we’re seeing with the latest data. People want to have fun again, be happy, have lots of sex, and forget about the Marxist comrades trying to indoctrinate them to hate the other sex.”

Instead of hating, would it not be better for feminists to love?

free love caravan

Gina Munche, a former feminist used to hate men but has seen the error of her ways.

“I had been indoctrinated to hate men. Through school to university, that is all we were taught. Day in day out. I used to be an activist saying that all men should die and be killed, but one day I was walking home and tripped and fell on the sidewalk. I busted my head bad, and many women walked away. Then one guy he knelt down to help me. At first I was about to say I didn’t need no man’s help, but he went and pulled me up, and called an ambulance as I was cut up pretty bad. This guy didn’t ask for anything, he helped me in the ambulance and assured me that I would be okay. That’s the last I saw him. From then on, I know that all men ain’t bad. All men don’t want to rape women.”

Since that moment Gina threw off her anti-male activist hat and instead embraced men.

These are some of the reasons many women who were previously indoctrinated in the soviet-style feminism and third wave are seeing that love is the true force of the universe, and not hatred.

Men are no better than women, and vice versa, and we are all here for a specific reason, as the natural biological function requires.