theresa may sewage BRINO

Thanks to the constant lies and closed curtain deals being engineered with the EU regarding Brexit, the Remainer led Cabinet, and the lies spewed by PM Theresa May betraying 17.4 million Brexit voters, the Conservative party are now a sinister party, never to be trusted ever again.

Brexit voters were promised an end to EU rule, this meant an end to the UK under the Customs Union, and end to free movement and an end to rule from the ECJ and other EU controlling factors. One of the main reasons for voting was to get our parliament back, as a sovereign British parliament, not dictated to by Brussels. Sovereign freedom of Britain, to make our own laws again, and not be subjected to restrictive authoritarian rules as prescribed by the EU.

The Conservative party throughout the last two years has shown great weakness, and an untrustworthy side which is frankly unnerving. If Mrs. May says one thing, then does the complete opposite thing, whilst still saying she is honouring the will of the people, this is a blatant lie, and her lies have been very damaging not only to her own integrity but to the integrity of the party as a whole.

Theresa May and her Remainer Chancellor, Philip Hammond, along with her Remainer Brexit adviser, Olly Robbins are lying blatantly to Brexit voters daily as they prepare to push through the Chequers Brino deal which will doom Britain to become a vassal state to the EU indefinitely without a legal way out of the Customs Union.

No one will vote for the Conservative party in 2020 who is not a Remainer. Yes, they will get some votes from the pro-EU faction, but the majority of people who voted for Brexit will vote with their feet and walk away from the Tories. The Conservative party today is a disgrace, and they will be duly punished for their treachery and treasonous lies towards the electorate as well as their perversion of democracy within the UK.

The biggest fatality is democracy, because what we have seen in the last two years, is that there is very little of it left in Britain today. No justice, or democracy leaves a land which is seething with self hatred and is unjust, with little or no value anymore.

To this end, it will be deemed as appropriate that many will abandon the Conservative party because of Theresa May and her cronies. These monstrous liars, quislings and treacherous chicken-hearted wasters who have demeaned Britain’s highest establishments with their all hat and no cattle empty worthless words, will be doomed to the opposition benches for the next thirty or forty years.

Yes, by not voting Conservative anymore, the millions who voted for Brexit, will condemn Britain and the Conservative party to a purgatory worse than any death — the Labour party. We’ve lost everything else so we have nothing left to lose. This action alone will be fit enough punishment for the nation but it will be a lesson hard learned for the Tories, who stood by as their party was trashed asunder by the likes of Theresa May and her treacherous entourage of yellow lickspittle cowards and traitors.

No one of any value will vote Tory ever again.