Minute-Man Trump

These Midterm elections in America are crucial for the survival of the nation.

On one hand there is business, innovation, and change to a more proud insular country that is self sufficient yet strong in the global field, priding itself in manufacturing its own goods and destiny. This side values freedom, liberty, prosperity for every facet of the US population. This is the side of Trump, who has brought actual change to America, and reinvigorated its core.

The other side of the coin is Detroit-style dilapidation, Venezuelan socialism, open borders that will strain every part of the country’s infrastructure, Marxism, anti-business practices with high taxes, removal of free speech, massive censorship, soviet political correctness, self-hatred, and ultimately Chinese communism. Destruction of the US constitution. Gun grabs. Hand in hand with massive spending on socialist pet projects that waste taxpayers money and bankrupt the country into further deficit oblivion like Obama did. This is the side of the fractured socialist democrats who revel in mob rule, internet lynchings with no due process that lead to destroying whole swathes of innocent lives. This is the side of so-called progressive inclusive people who do not value freedom in any of its forms, whether freedom of expression or art or life.

The choice is ultimately up to the voters, and if early polling shows, the fury of the socialists may trump the Trump supporters. It is however not too late to change this form of forced voting and use of illegal immigrants. Hopefully, many people have awoken from the NPC programming meted out on democrat followers. It is still not too late to awaken from the brainwashing, the incessant soviet repetition to instill their programming in your subconscious mind.

The socialist American party, utilises a soviet technique of constant repetition to program their followers so they obey without question. This technique was used in the USSR and is still utilised in communist China to brainwash their youth to be completely subservient to the communist ideology and never to question the motives of their superior comrades. The democrat socialist party of America also utilises techniques devised by Saul Alinsky in the ways of mob rule, and civil unrest to achieve their soviet communist objectives.

The choice is yours Americans, you either vote for your country, or you vote against it. One thing is for sure, the socialist democrats, now so far left, are bordering on heavy Marxism, and despise everything that is American.

Vote for your country or vote for your enemy. The choice is yours.


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