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Boris Johnson the Human — Theresa May the Robot

BIRMINGHAM - England - Boris Johnson shines through like a beacon in dark waters, as the Conservative conference overshadows more Brexit treachery from Theresa May.

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Much vilified, not only by members of his own party, but by the opposition, Boris Johnson is something of a phenomenon that many cannot understand. Here at the Squib, we understand what is like to be eccentric, to be loud, yet thoughtful, and to be vastly misunderstood.

Watching the endearing speech by Mr. Johnson at the Conservative conference, reporting the facts, we see someone who is profoundly human, and who deeply cares for the nation’s well being, especially when it comes to getting shat on by the EU.

The news at the moment is that Theresa May has agreed to a complete capitulation of EU regulations regarding the Northern Ireland question, keeping Britain in the Customs Union thus curbing any aspirations of being able to forge any trade deals after her version of non-Brexit is completed.

The climbdown by May is fully expected, as she and her Remainer friends never wanted a Brexit in the first place.

The notion that the 17.5 million people who voted for Brexit on June 23, 2016 in a valid democratic vote is also sadly false, because the people who voted have been severely betrayed by the treachery of Theresa May and her ilk.

Thus, to hear someone like Boris Johnson, tell it how it is, is truly refreshing, and hopefully, there shall be some impetus within the party to oust May, before any more damage is done, not only to the party but to the country.

In no uncertain terms, Boris Johnson is a key factor in gaining a clean Brexit, as well as other real Brexiteers who are holding fast under an uncertain storm. There is now a delineation between those false Brexiteers who back May’s non-Brexit Chequers capitulation, and the real Brexiteers who see through the lies and treachery.

Theresa May will one day answer to history’s axe, as she will be remembered as the one who sold off Britain’s sovereignty for a pittance to foreign powers intent on hurting these Isles, or maybe she will be forgotten completely, as the real holders of Britain’s destiny took over and helped the nation back on its feet after many years of EU imprisonment.


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