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In today’s internet era, there are too many voices, and everyone now has an opinion. The populace are now unmanageable. In days past, everyone knew their place, and everyone stayed in their place, but today this is not the case, and for the elite this is a sure sign that the end will be messy and troublesome.

The wealthy have already abandoned all hope of a future where the populace, formerly known as plebs, have a voice, and have a modicum of power. They are therefore preparing for either an engineered form of deconstruction or a sudden chaotic unravelling. They are already preparing for a post-consumerist future society ruled by scientific technocrats serviced by technological automation. The elite and wealthy have already exhausted the consumerist society and used consumers to become billionaires, however they know that this state of affairs cannot last.

Most certainly, the event will be an economic eviscerating maelstrom that will lead into anarchic catastrophe with gangs roaming, mass looting, and cataclysmic death to many who are unprepared.

You see, the wealthy, the elite, are prepared, they have already secured plots of land with shelters, some underground, some in very secluded spots, but these wealthy elite still have one problem, how to keep their security and manual workers loyal to them when the event happens. It will be all too easy for the security detail to band together and take over the wealthy in their luxurious bunkers. What do you do when paper money is worthless, and your security men surround you with the guns you gave them? How does one keep the loyalty of the servants during a cataclysmic event wiping out all of society economically?


There are certainly no easy solutions to such a debacle, but the only real solution is for these billionaires who have never done anything with their hands, or had a manual job, to actually hold a gun themselves. Many will not be able to and will perish.

The first thing that happens in a major economic disaster is that all the rich in every neighbourhood are quickly dispatched and their homes/businesses looted. The swarmiing poor are vast in numbers, and when there is no police to protect the wealthy, the rich are the first to go. When that source is depleted, the people turn on themselves.

Of course there are alternatives, but the technology for robots and automated guards controlled by sophisticated AI is still in its infancy. It will take another thirty to forty years to replicate humans in their entirety, but even then there will be major flaws.

The time line for such an event nears every day, simply because the populace are getting more and more uncontrollable every day. The economic system built on debt, is not built on a firm foundation, and sooner or later it will give away. The Illusion will be lost overnight, the illusion of democracy, the illusion of economic prosperity, and furthermore, the interlinked global economy will crumble in one fell swoop, purely because there are little or no ways to quarantine contagion.

Already, there are brief murmurs of such an event occurring, and you will know when it happens because you will not see any police in the streets any more, no medics, no social services, and there will be no way of getting your money out of the banks. All mobile phones will cease working in an instant, as well as electricity grids, and water processing centres. In effect, there will be silence. This silence will be the starting bell for carnage, anarchy and total chaos to reign over the crumbling old system, which will be cleansed over many years of nihilistic purges.

Even though this warning was written in full sight, many will not heed it, and they will carry on with their meaningless lives as slaves to their mortgages and tax slave jobs.

What do people do when there is no more food in the shops, when paper money is useless, and there is no authority? The answer is they do anything to survive. Anything.