Britain to Stay in Single Market – Article 127 Deadline Today Not Triggered by Theresa May

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Today, March 29 2018, is the last day to trigger Article 127, otherwise Britain will stay in the EU single market forever.

If one ever needed proof that the Theresa May Remainer led EU single market Brexit Only by Name was in place, the fact that she is not triggering Article 127 by today’s deadline is it.

By not triggering Article 127 Britain is doomed to stay in the single market thus be tied to Brussels forever.

Theresa May, has thus condemned Britain to a soft Brexit, which invariably is another name for no Brexit.

Article 127 of the EEA is a mechanism for a member states to withdraw from the single market by giving at least 12 months notice.

As things stand, the date is March 29, 2019, meaning the government has until today to invoke the clause, which they are not doing.

We at the Squib have said from the beginning that May’s Brexit is no Brexit, and there should never been any trust in this backstabbing harridan’s instatement as Conservative leader in the first place.

Just as we thought, another stab in the back for the 52% of EU referendum voters, who voted to get out of the EU and single market on the 23 June 2016.