We’ll Believe It When We See It Mrs May

LONDON - England - Yesterday, Theresa May unloaded a semi-plan for Brexit. To put it simply she claimed she supported an exit from the single market and customs union with Brussels.


Although much of what May said was mildly pleasing to the ears, there is still a major feeling of trepidation to the supposed proceedings.

First of all, there are the multiple factions within parliament and the Lords who wish to thwart the will of the British people. These elements are embedded deep within the system and are doing everything they can to stop Brexit. We have the Blair, Mandelson, Osborne trio, we have the snivelling yellow puss bag, Clegg, and we have the Hillary Benn contingent, all waiting in the wings to spring up a little surprise for the plodding along Brexit.

Lest we forget the multiple lawsuits against the government. Which leads us to believe that Britain is not ruled by elected members of parliament but unelected europhile judges, money grabbing prostitutes to whoever is holding the largest cheque and slipping it under their dusty white wigs.

The third problem is Scotland, which is turning out to be a turd for the ‘United’ Kingdom. They hate everything and everyone down South even though England pays for every Scottish citizen twice over in benefits and free university, or whatever they demand the next day. It would be a good day to cut Scotland off and build a three hundred foot high wall across the border so they can wallow in their independent misery of poverty for eternity. If they want to leave so much, we should cut off this rotting limb from the UK sharpish, otherwise the gangrene will spread South. Let the little Krankie imp Sturgeon rot in her self righteous arrogance and Scottish nationalism, a horrible barren cunt of a woman who deserves nothing but pain.

The fourth problem lies within cabinet itself, and these are Remoaners embedded in high places, Hammond comes to mind here, this is a man who holds the keys to the Treasury, and from his past actions has no stomach for Brexit. Theresa May, herself a Remainer, could have exited the country from the EU within the first month of taking office, but has dilly dallied for so long now, she doesn’t seem to know which way is up or down. Every week is another promise, one minute she wants a deal for all, the next she hardens her stance, and the next it’s something completely different. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to her stalling, but she has. May could have repealed the 1972 communities act within the first week of taking office, she could have enabled Article 50 and just got on with it instead of taking long Alpine holidays in Switzerland. Her delaying tactics allowed the myriad of lawsuits to take effect, for enemies of the people to resurge in parliament, and for the general populace to lose hope in a true exit from the evil clutches of Brussels.

As we mention in the title, we’ll believe Brexit when we see it. Otherwise it’s all talk, all bullshit from the saccharine lips of Theresa. Stop fucking talking and do something for a change.