John Major Grey Depositphotos_135549162_l-2015
Former Conservative PM, John Major

The will of the majority of the British people on June 23, 2016 was to LEAVE the EU.

Therefore, John Major, former Tory PM, and europhile, is wrong, wrong, wrong in trying to reverse the will of the British people who voted to leave in the EU referendum.

When 17.4 million people voted in the democratically held EU referendum to leave the European Union, they meant it then, and they mean it now.

John Major was a thoroughly unexceptional prime minister, and as he has got it wrong today, he continually got it wrong in the past too.

Black Wednesday 16 September 1992

In 1992, John Major made a serious judgemental mistake that cost Britain dearly. He tried to keep the UK in the ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism) causing massive market upheaval and leading to Britain leaving anyway.

His poor judgement was also seen in his disastrous role in the (CAR) Common Agricultural Policy in 1992.

John Major, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

However much Soros and his cronies are paying you through the Open Society foundation, please give the envelopes of money back. You are already well looked after with a decent pension you greedy grey salmonella egg rogering whiffle whaffle.

Please go away Mr Major. You are a listless limp loser who has had his day. Dredging you up from your coffin is the last thing anyone needs.

Britain made its judgement to leave the EU and whatever you say will not change a thing. The British people spoke already, and you must respect the will of the people you deluded cantankerous old fool.