Shock: Ad Agency Makes Pro-Man Advert

LONDON - England - The industrialised world's ad agencies and media have been pushing anti-men misandric adverts for decades, hopefully things will change soon in the industry and society.

For the last three decades, all ads on television have portrayed men as bungling idiots, emasculated morons and below the superiority of women, but finally ad agency GSD&M have created an endearing short film ad for men’s product ‘Harry’s’ which hopefully will induce other ad agencies to change too.

Without any overt macho imagery or inclination, creative director, Luke Crissell accomplishes the delicate subject of what it is to be a man.

#metoo people may scoff and scowl at the ad, and may even try to ban it as it shows a tender view of masculinity, but this may be a sign that the anti-male hatred that we have had to endure for years is slowly ebbing away.

In a world where regular men are derided, hated upon and punished, there is no wonder that male suicide is at record levels, where at every turn in the media and social networks men are continually attacked and denigrated.

With fertility dropping at drastic rates in the industrialised world, resulting in low birthrates, many Western nations have effectively shot themselves in the foot by their overt push to emasculate and denigrate men.

Sadly the ad agencies catered to this anti-male hysteria and hatred by peddling adverts that portrayed this view. The ad agencies were simply catering to female spending power, however during this period they forgot that regular men buy things too.