Was Donald Trump Worth It?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump in his first year has been way too nice. He needs to get into gear or lose the next election.

Was it worth voting for and funding Donald Trump into office?

Hell yeah! There has never been so much of an exciting time as now, we could be at war with N. Korea at any moment, we could be at war with Russia, or China at any moment. There could be a nuclear apocalypse around the corner, and who else could have shit on Obama’s legacy more than Donald Trump? Besides, watching the socialists and liberal do-gooders being ass shafted by the Teflon Don is priceless in itself, it is hilarious watching these CNN socialist hysterical soy-milk goons crying on air, or MSNBC pathetic weasels triggered beyond belief. Priceless! Thank you Donald Trump, just for that.

For eight long years many barely endured the insipid Obama reign, a presidential rule that was personified by transexual homosexual love-ins, and a celebration of limp wristed socialist censorship.

The funny thing is, the main three tech companies that rule over everything now, Facebook, Twitter and Google are still under orders from Obama to censor any thought that does not have a far-left soviet socialist agenda. They are still at it, and one can only hope that the Donald breaks these automatons and their nefarious programming, otherwise there may have to be a lot of civil unrest eventually to lighten their octopus grip over everything.

What hope lies for the future?

Sadly, for the Americans who voted for Donald Trump, the country is too far gone to ever make a recovery. There will not be nice little families huddled around a campfire and doing line-dances, or a massive move back to the Christian church. That’s all been defiled. Apart from America’s midwest, and Bible Belt, White Christian Americans are now a minority in their own country which they built up by massacring Native Americans, and brutally enslavening millions of Africans. Donald can’t bring back that America, and why should he, things have moved on since then, however the core beliefs of White Christian Americans, one of religion, dedication to hard work, gun toting, and community spirit will somehow survive, and has survived Obama, who tried everything in his power to destroy these people. He lost, big time, because in the end these people fought for, and voted for Donald Trump.

The Donald will build his wall, he will eviscerate Obamacare, he will have a war here or there, but there is nothing to fear for he just wants to be remembered as one of the greatest U.S presidents of all time. To have his head sculpted on Trump mountain, away from the others. Trump is a maverick, and this is what the DS understands totally.

The truth is, if you don’t put in the blood, sweat and tears to achieve something, you ain’t worth shit, and you ain’t owed a dime. Let us hope under Trump, he cleans up some of America’s wasteful welfare system where the entitled live lives of luxury and never have to work.

If you want to come to America, how about going through the legal channels and applying legally. No one should be given a free pass for walking over the border. It is illegal and a de facto invasion. The law should come down on illegals hard. They should be deported, the trucks should come to every neighbourhood and take these people back to where they came from illegally. Trump needs to step into gear.

As for the African American section of the community, sure there are a few hard working African Americans who have made a success, but what about the carnage outside of this section? Jail, the projects, ghettos, and more jail. Something has to be done. If America is to be great again, African Americans must be tamed, or eventually the wilderness will spread even further.

In fact, up until now, Trump has been way too nice. He needs to be ruthless, merciless, he needs to get into fucking gear now or he will lose the next election.

We’re waiting, for entertainment..