Today the Day Theresa May Starts Looking For Another Job

LONDON - England - Downing Street officials have confirmed that today is the day Mrs. May will be looking for another job after giving away multiple concessions to Brussels during Brexit negotiations.

“Yes, we can confirm that Mrs. May is actively looking for other employment opportunities. She has a copy of the Evening Standard where they post some job ads. In fact, there is one job she is applying to, and that is a shoe saleswoman in Barking, East London. This would be a great opportunity for the ex-PM to be around what she loves, shoes.”

The final nail in the coffin for many was Theresa May approving that the European Courts of Justice would have full jurisdiction in Britain after Brexit. This is tantamount to Britain not leaving the EU at all.

The soon-to-be ex-PM also conceded to pay Brussels whatever they want with a 100 billion euro payment, of course taken out of the purse of the British taxpayer. This blackmail ransom money could have easily been avoided by not pandering to the EU’s ridiculous demands and simply leaving the talks. Instead, Theresa May lifted up her skirt, bent over the table and was used like a piece of sallow rotting meat by EU eurocrats.

In a failed Brexit, led by Remainers, what did you expect?

So, what happens when Theresa May is shown the door? Yes, there could be another impromptu general election, which would no doubt bring in Comrade Corbyn. In a weird, anarchic sense, this would be a fitting end to a Brexit that is not really a Brexit but one only by name. We would naturally have anarchy in the streets, massive chaos in government, banking services completely disrupted and stripped of their privileges, and a royal family on the run, turfed out of their palaces by the people’s army and Momentum.

What about the other Brexiteers in the Tory government? Well, according to many voters, they did not have the balls to stand up to Theresa May when she was in power, therefore they failed their country miserably. They may call themselves Brexiteers, however, they are, much like the fake Brexit we are being delivered, fake as well.