Brexit Betrayal: Theresa May Must Be Ousted By Brexiteers Immediately

LONDON - England - Today was the day when Remainer, Theresa May finally showed her hand by betraying one of the main tenets of the EU referendum, and that was stopping free movement to secure Britain's borders.


Betrayal by Remainers

With a Remainer Chancellor, Remainer PM, and Remainer negotiators in the mix, anyone who thought Brexit would ever happen is sadly mistaken.

According to reports, the Remainer PM has tabled a deal so bad with the EU that Brexit might as well only happen by name.

Theresa May has extended the free movement of EU citizens to five years from the EU referendum, an extension of two years. This means Britain will not be able to secure its borders by late 2020/21.

The Home Office said it wanted to avoid a “cliff edge” in applications the day after Brexit, and so would grant a period of up two years’ grace for EU nationals who could demonstrate five continuous years of residence in Britain.

What the new ruling would do, is create a last insurgent rush from the EU, where another million or so would enter the UK. The cut-off point should happen immediately to thwart any such rush.

The Daily Squib is appealing to all real Brexiteers within the Tory government to immediately conduct a rearranging of deck chairs on the sinking Brexit ship, and is calling for Rees-Mogg, Redwood, Davis and Duncan Smith to do something about this mess fast before any more damage occurs.

What has happened to the Conservative party today? It is sickening to watch such a lilly livered bunch of wannabe socialists actually becoming socialists. Where the fuck are your balls?

Therexit NOW!

There must be a coup immediately. Code Red. Theresa May is not fit for purpose, she should be sent to the glue factory to be processed.


An apology to our readers and Theresa May. This article is wrong and is grossly misleading and hysterical in nature. Theresa May is in fact doing a great job at Brexit under the circumstances. The ex- Squib writer, Goebels Langoustine, is now working for the Evening Standard, where he belongs.