BREXIT: The EU’s Cash Cow is Set to Sail the Open Sea

LONDON – England – Do not be easily pleased by the Lords and House of Commons finally passing the Brexit papers, there is a long road ahead to leave the EU.

Yes, there are many perils ahead, but these will be dealt with with the stiff upper lip that is the English way. Britain has survived for centuries without being under the EU, and it will continue to survive and thrive for centuries as a free thinking economically robust nation away from the EU.

Britain must sail forth, regain its own laws, regain its own trade deals and not be constrained by the cumbersome shackles of an EU superstate that has become so invasive and totalitarian, that it is near on impossible to leave. The EU much-like a cancerous growth does not allow many survivors to its tumorous, invasive apheliotropism.

If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea.

The EU has shown itself to be a vindictive onerous machine that seeks to punish dissent with daily threats thrown from the parapets of Brussels and the unelected corrupt maliferous cronyism that inhibits human freedoms.

We have overcome the treacherous traitors and their Project Fear, spearheaded by Osborne and Mandelson, in cohort with the evil pestilence of the Butcher of the Middle East, Tony Blair.

As the collective moaning of the Remoaners reached crescendo level, and Obama visited briefly telling us we were ‘back of the queue’ as opposed to the Americanism ‘back of the line’ in trade deals, Project Fear was there always drumming into the people with its doom laden propaganda lies and fake news.

The treachery of David Cameron will never be forgotten, he was the Chamberlain of the era, a simpering shiny maggot who kowtowed to Brussels, a traitor to the country who would have willingly sold off everything for a pittance with his pathetic so-called deals and relegated Britain to be an eternal inconsequential sector to the EU.

The ignorance of many remainers was that they did not understand what the EU was, and how it functioned. They did not even know what collectivism is, or the EU’s staunch cleverly cloaked communistic ideals omnipresent under the radar. The remainers of Britain, would have in 1941 gladly welcomed Hitler’s forces, and would have sold out Britons to the all-conquering Germanic Nazis without a blink of an eye such was their blind faith to perfidious deceit and betrayal.

The fiascos of the Gina Miller court cases revealed the treacherous underbelly of Britain, and of course, the lawyers wanted their lucrative share of the proceedings. We can only hope that Miller is bankrupted completely and as the most hated woman in Britain, apart from Nicola Sturgeon, leaves these shores to go back home.

Throughout all of this, the Daily Squib has been a vanguard staunch defender of Britain, and we ask for nothing, as we receive nothing, but we have been there fighting for what is right, for freedom to make our own laws, and freedom to sail to whichever port we wish to sail. Our credo is to fight for justice, freedom, honour and the right to free expression and speech.

[Gratuitous ranting interlude] Our site has been sabotaged and maimed so many times by the dominant internet controller, and our advertising revenue decimated by an internet monopoly, that we are now barely functioning. Such is the tragedy of not having any freedom on the internet today, as one singular entity controls everything and is the lord of all. To be thus censored, pilloried and mutilated by such an encompassing force has left us fighting a behemoth as big as the EU itself, or even bigger. As mavericks, the underdogs, we fight with rabid teeth, we fight for our very right to free speech and to convey what we want through every pore of our existence. The internet monopoly in question can wipe us off the face of the Internetverse, but we will fight outside it, and never relinquish ourselves to these illiterate bullies, and their demonic digital empire that proclaims itself ‘not evil’ yet inhibits human freedom of expression and thought. Fuck you from the bottom of our hearts, fuck you with all our might, and may a thousand daggers disguised as words pierce those black lobotomised Obaminoid abominations you call brains.[End]

We will fight on, and maybe one day the internet will not be controlled by one singular unjust freedom hating entity, as much as Britain has broken free from the tentacles of the EU, and stands to sail forth into the wind and open seas.

There are many battles still to be fought however, as much as the hurdles have been vanquished so far, the fact is that within the Cabinet there are still many remainers, and within parliament there are still many who wish to thwart a true Brexit, who utilise delaying tactics, and there are many who wish to water down the true Brexit that was voted by the people. There will be many obstacles thrown in the path from the likes of Scotland, and other Remoaner regions.

This fight will be ongoing, arduous and will test many, but hopefully Britain will break free from the EU once and for all, and we the people will get the Brexit we voted and fought for.

This is only the beginning…